When Lake Agassiz melted thousands of years ago, Canada was graced with some of the word’s most beautiful fresh water lakes. In 1731, Pierre La Vérendrye left Montreal on an exploration to find the Pacific Ocean. It was on this journey that La Vérendrye came across Lake of the Woods and established Fort St. Charles. Originally referred to as “Lake Minitie” (Lake of the Islands) by the Cree Nation, “Lac du Bois” (Lake of the Woods) was mistranslated by the French Canadians, giving its name today.



Creating memories, starting family traditions and embracing nature is what the lake life is all about. Nothing beats a cold one on the dock, the crackling of the midnight bonfire or revving the engine on it’s first pull.  Whether you’re a weekend warrior, first time visitor or make Lake of the Woods your summer home, we hope you continue enjoying paradise with our Canadian-made and assembled products by your side.